Lilian Anerousi

Marián Gonda

Martin Solárik

Miro Grman

Peťo Pleva

Martin Lofaj

The Slovak band Anthology has started already in the year 2008. At the very beginning of Anthology, there was nobody else than the main representative – composer and guitarist – Marián Gonda with the assistance of former member – bass guitarist Ján Kičin. There was no lack of young boldness and determination even in beginnings, with the only difference that Anthology was able to gradually contract into their ranks real player quality.
The first stable line-up of Anthology has signed to the birth of album Exitus (2011) and contained these names: Alexandra Hírešová – vocals, Marián Gonda – guitar, Miroslav Grman – guitar, Ján Kičin – bass guitar, Martin Solárik – keyboards, and Peter Pleva – drums. Album “Exitus” already in that time pointed to clear facts: great melody, nicely sounding guitar lines, rhythmic accuracy but mostly it was a big promise for future years. The sound was handled by Vladimír Povala and the band started performing at Slovak festivals and club gigs.
Anthology, with some kind of inertia, played local concerts, which was good but not enough to move forward. It needed to write material with more global importance. Years 2012 and 2013 were extremely hard. Ján (bass guitar) and Alexandra (vocals) left the band. In 2013 Marek Štech has joined the band as a new bass player. Alexandra was replaced with charming Raylyn Shade. During this year Anthology wanted to bring a lot of elements to their work through a new album, which would help to stop Anthology from being considered as a young starting band.
Project of the emerging album The Prophecy (2014) directly established concept, which was based on a specific strategy and that was determined by the quality of single songs. „The Prophecy” was considered a breakthrough album from the beginning. Production was handled by Vladimír Povala and mainly Michal Jankuliak (Eagleheart). Mix was undertaken by well-known Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween, MasterPlan).
After the unofficial release, publicity with global meaning has started to revolve around the band. “The Prophecy” scores partial achievements not only in the local fan base but also in Japan, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and in countries of Latin America. Half-year after the release of this album, Anthology integrates into accepted musical ensembles in their home country in the sympho-power metal genre with an ambition to succeed not only in Slovakia.
In December 2016 the band has released its third studio album Angel's Revenge. This album shows the band experimenting with lots of symphonic elements but also some more aggressive features with the addition of guest vocals provided by English death metal vocalist Connor Sanders. Also, this year were some changes in the band. Martin Lofaj joined the band as a new bass player. The album „Angel's Revenge followed the success of the previous album. Sales grew mainly abroad and the band performed several concerts - in addition to Slovakia, especially in the Czech Republic and Poland. The band decided to support the success of the album and especially its title track "The Revenge of Angels" with the remasters of the song by the world-famous producer Joost van den Broek. The band recorded a music video for the song and released it as a single. In April of 2019, the band performed in Athens, Greece. During the concert, the band mixed the line-up - Miroslav Grman and Martin Lofaj exchanged their instruments.
In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected music events, so the band decided to use their free time to write another album. At the end of 2020, after 7 years of work, the singer Raylyn Shade left the band. In the summer of 2021, the new singer Lilian Anerousi from Greece joined the band. With her collaboration, the band continues to record a new album.


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